How we build value in your business

To build a successful business we believe you need the following basics


Requires accurate & comprehensive client records


Provides clear procedures and compliant processes


Knowing where you are is fundamental to defining your future


Our ‘Discovery Day’

We begin our process by spending a day in your office with you and your back office support staff in attendance.

This will be our ‘Discovery Day’where we undertake an audit of your business operations and processes. Before our visit we will request information from you to help build a picture of your business.

Your entire back office efficiency process will be based upon establishing data integrity. This first step, an audit of your back office systems, will identify those areas that need attention.

We will next provide you with a ‘Client Document Checklist’ to be completed after our visit. By undertaking this exercise you will immediately see why Xplan, and the data it holds, will be central to our processes and the improvement in your compliance.

Upon completion it will be self-evident which client documents you will need to obtain, or update, and this is turn will provide the platform upon which we can build a solid client data set.

With the learnings from our ‘Discovery Day’ we will, within one month, provide you with a ‘Practice Report’. This document will profile your existing business allowing you to take an objective view of where you are currently, and where you may want to focus your efforts to improve.

                          PRICING – ‘Discovery Day’ Initial Practice Audit and Practice Report: Cost $3,300

Our 12 month ‘Value Building Process’

If you then choose to engage Back Office Hero to work with you to build further value in your business over a 12month period, we will commence the process of providing you & your back office support staff with procedures, checklists, reports, support and training. We will also introduce you to our outsourcing partners. These steps will be critical to improving your profitability.

Our simple aim is to increase the value of your business over time by providing you with the checklists, templates, procedures and audit processes that we have successfully used in our own and other businesses. Any compliance weaknesses will be materially strengthened during the process.

Within twelve (12) months, we will assist you to produce your first “Information Memorandum” documenting the growth in your business.

                         PRICING – ‘Value Building Process’ Monthly Fee: Cost $5,500

Our staged implementation approach over 12 months

  • An audit of your back office systems, identifying those areas that need attention
  • Training & support to integrate Xplan across all business activities
  • Access to an Online Procedures Library
  • An account with our Outsourcing Partner
  • Ensures all new clients are correctly ‘onboarded’ – fact-find, first interview, file note and SOA production
  • Provides an Annual Review process, executed, file noted and recorded in Xplan
  • Provides checklists, procedures and training support to your back office Team
  • Ensures that your Xplan data is always accurate
  • Creates the metrics around your Ideal Client
  • Allows you to focus your business resources on what is important
  • Identifies clients who do not fit your Ideal client profile
  • Helps with your FUM & Fees analysis
  • Provides all input into your Business & Marketing Plans and your annual Information Memorandum document


Within 12 months

The net result leads to an ‘uplift’ in profitability due to