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Who we are?

Our values
Our Focus
We are passionate about building business value through back – office efficiencies.​
Our Methods
‘WE TAKE FINANCIAL PLANNERS OUT OF THEIR BACK OFFICE AND GUIDE THEIR BACK OFFICE TEAM’ To achieve this we seek permission to bypass financial planners and work directly with your back-office team.
Our Uniques
  1. To measure is to manage
  2. Implementing process
  3. We ‘get our hands dirty!’
Our Expertise
‘Boosting your back office!’
Our Outcomes
Increasing business valuation through efficiency and outsourcing.

Team Members

Mark Lewin
Principal – Back Office Hero

SMSF Specialist Advisor® (SSA®) – 2005 to 2020
CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® professional – 1997 to 2020
Financial Planning Association Diploma – 1993
Bachelor of Business – 1981

Mark was a Financial Planner for 24 years before selling his business in August 2019 to spend more time growing Back Office Hero, the business he founded in July 2018.

After successfully helping clients plan for their financial future, his passion now is to help other financial planners build the value of their own businesses using procedures, checklists & outsourcing.

Mark has had a long and varied career working within the financial markets. Starting out in 1982 as the Assistant Accountant in London with a Lloyds underwriting firm, he then returned to Australia to become Assistant Portfolio Manager with a leading Australian insurance company. From 1986 to 1995, he worked as a bond broker with an international merchant bank and became a financial planner in 1995.

This background has provided Mark with extensive business experience and the insight & knowledge to assist financial planners to create efficient, compliant and valuable businesses.

Mark describes his work as “improving business valuations, through back office procedures & robust compliance”.

Stephen O’Donnell

General Manager – Back Office Hero

Diploma of Financial Planning (FPA) – 1999

Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investments (SIA) – 1990

Bachelor of Arts (English Lit./History) – 1981

Stephen has worked in the financial services industry for 30 years, and in that time has held senior management positions within the banking sector, superannuation and a financial planning dealer group. His experience covers business management, strategy, planning, development, implementation and marketing across both the corporate and public sectors as well as small business.

Over the past four years he has worked with Mark Lewin as both Client Service Manager and Practice Manager, to increase the efficiency and value of his financial planning business leading to its successful sale in 2019 at an above market premium.

Stephen worked with Mark Lewin to establish Back Office Hero in July 2018 and they have continued to build the business together since then. He shares the passion to assist other financial planners to streamline and build value in their businesses through improved efficiency and compliance in back office systems to achieve great outcomes both for them and their clients.

Chris Morris

Analytics & Technology Manager – Back Office Hero

Bachelor of Commerce 2003 (Macquarie University)

AM Institute / LXi Consulting – High Performance Leadership

Chris is a Financial Planning software expert, with particular emphasis on Xplan database software. He has worked in the Financial Planning industry for more than 16 years and over that time accumulated a wide range of valuable skills that can be utilised in further developing financial planning businesses.

He brings to Back Office Hero extensive analytical experience supporting business acquisitions and transitions, project management and strategic business initiatives.

In undertaking these role’s he has specialised in developing and enhancing management information systems, business models, calculators and diagnostic ‘dashboards’ to guide decision making. These specialist skills can now be applied to better understand and manage your business.